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Managing Holiday Stress

The holidays are in full swing, and for most folks that means family and work parties, end-of-term festivals and concerts for the kids (plus helping them study for tests and hand in extra credit before the term ends), shopping to do, treats to bake, loved ones to visit... and the list goes on. Our brains and bodies can only handle so much. With all these stressors, it is easy push yourself beyond your limits and end up grumpy and exhausted, unable to enjoy the festivities.

Adrenal stress is no joke. When we experience a stressful situation, our brain sends signals to the adrenal glands, which respond by pumping "fight-or-flight" hormones through the bloodstream. The fight-or-flight response is vital when we encounter life-threatening circumstances that require a boost of energy; however, long-term exposure to compounded stress leads to an almost constant flow of these stress hormones, which in turn create adrenal exhaustion. If we live in a high-stress environment over an extended period of time, it can actually create significant changes to our brain and body, and manifest with a depleted immune system, poor digestion, exhaustion, insomnia, weight gain, low sex drive, depression, issues with memory, anxiety, and more.

To keep the Adrenal Exhaustion Grinch away, try these simple ideas to manage your stress so that you can enjoy the holidays.

#1- SIMPLIFY I know it is easier said than done, but taking inventory and identifying the activities and events that are REALLY important can help you determine where your energy is best spent. Simplify! Attend only the events that are important and will fill you with joy instead of stress. Clear your schedule of unnecessary obligations. #2- MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF

Schedule a Massage (we recommend Rhonda, Valora or Susie) and/or a Chiropractic visit, take in a yoga class, or simply take five minutes each day for meditation. Each of these practices stimulates endorphin production, which lowers stress hormones in the body. Also, make sure that you are eating nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water! When your body and brain are well nourished, it is easier to manage life's ups and downs. If you are not taking care of your needs, you'll be too frazzled to care for the needs of those around you!


Our RELAX EASE formula was formulated specifically for stress management. In fact, I developed this formula several years ago when I had three children who got married in one years' time. I have many clients who swear by this formula, because it helped them cope with periods of significant stress and/or trauma. I also recommend a good B complex, such as Vital Nutrients Tyrosine and B vitamins to feed the brain and provide energy. If you'd like a personalized supplement regimen, I do have appointments available for holistic health consultations, and would love to help you find balance and optimal health!

I hope that these tips can help you breeze through the holidays with confidence and tranquility.

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