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Vickie Sorensen, Master Herbalist

My vision is to empower people with the information that they need to take responsibility for their own health and create a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families. It is my desire and intent to help individuals and families become comfortable and proficient in the use of herbs and other natural healing modalities for their health and well-being.

My journey to natural therapies began in 1976 and continues to this day. In 1987, when trying to find a way to administer herbs to my growing family, I learned how to make glycerin extractions. I began formulating my own herbal formulas and in 1998 began the herb company, Vickie Sorensens's NATURE WORKS.

I have taken classes from Stan Malstrom, Bernard Jensen, David Christopher, and many other master teachers. I received my Master Herbalist Certification in 1983. I received certification as a Spinal Touch Therapist in 1994 and certification as a Transitional Therapist in 1995. I am also a Certified Professional Midwife and have attended births for over thirty years, delivering hundreds of healthy babies.

I am not a doctor; I am a teacher, and I love teaching about the amazing healing qualities of the plant kingdom. I currently reside in Cedar City, Utah. I have eight biological children, four adopted children, and twenty-four grandchildren who are the light of my life. I love growing and harvesting my own herbs from my five acre garden.


Services Offered:

Holistic Health Consulting: Using a form of muscle testing known as bio-kinesiology along with an extensive knowledge of alternative therapies, Vickie compiles individualized health programs to help you acheive a state of optimal wellness.


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