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What is Reflexology?

I love foot massage. Not only does a foot rub feel great, it's good for your health. I feel like I can work the entire body from the feet. Have you ever seen a foot reflexology chart? Many cultures have it in one form or another. Each culture explain that the feet represent the entire body with different areas corresponding to differnt areas of the body and specific points relate to specific organs. Neck reflexes are around the big toe and the shoulder reflexes are under the little toes. The spine reflexes go right down the arch of the foot.

I had a client come and get a foot massage and when I pushed a spot in the top half of the foot, he about jumped off the table. Ouch! We looked at my foot reflexology chart and decided it was lungs or heart. And recommended that he see his doctor. A month or so he came back and updated me. He saw his doctor the next day and was rushed into open heart surgery.

My friend Maggie's husband had been to a dozen doctors and they couldnt figure out what was wrong with him, she was studying foot reflexology and decided after dinner each night she would push and rub his feet. The first couple weeks he couldnt handle much pressure. But each time he could handle a little more and his "mystery" illness disappeared.

I love how relaxing a good foot rub can be and it's good for your health.

Call Valora today to schedule an appointment for reflexology! (435) 669-3562

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