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Visceral Manipulation - more than just a massage

Visceral Manipulation sounds like something out of a surgical textbook or Hannibal Lecter movie- but it is really a fabulous an non-invasive way to restore balance to your internal organs.

Your organs are not just loosely floating around in your body, they are supported by tissue called fascia and pleura. The whole thing is a sealed system under pressure that squishes everything tightly together; each organ is wrapped in its own pleura and bathed in a little bit of fluid so it can slide and move around or over its neighboring organs. Things that affect the pressures in the system or the ability of the organs to slide and move around in their close quarters will affect the ability of the body to move and function properly. Pregnancy, abdominal surgery, infection, repetitive movements, jarring injuries, stress and emotional trauma can all affect the mobility of your organs or viscera.

Because the fascial wrappings of your organs are essentially one big continuous piece of connective tissue, restrictions in one area can manifest as symptoms in other areas. Have you ever done tie dye? Imagine you're wearing a form-fitting shirt, and you grab and twist one small corner of the shirt.

You will likely see and feel the pull from your lower abdomen all the way up to your shoulder; this same concept effectively happens inside of you. Visceral manipulation can help release these restrictions, and restore balance to the internal organs.

Call Susie to schedule an appointment today! (435) 590-8275

"I had been having pain in my stomach that indicated gallstones. Rather than having my gallbladder removed, I scheduled an appointment with Susie and it only took one session, the pain was GONE, and hasn't returned- it has been over a year!" -V, Cedar City, Utah

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