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All-Natural Relief from Allergies

Allergy season is upon us once again! I have found that people start to notice an unusual amount of symptoms this time of year. Snow thaws and allergens start blowing around like crazy! There is no good reason to suffer with it, however. There is a natural allergy elimination technique I use in my practice called NAET that involves no painful and unnecessary needle pricks. NAET uses multiple disciplines including Chiropractic and Acupressure to strengthen the ability of the body to be able to overcome weakness or sensitivities.

We all have energetic pathways that run through our bodies. These Acupuncture pathways have been mapped out for thousands of years. When we are sensitive to substances or foods, it causes physical blockages in these pathways thus giving us symptoms. Sometimes those symptoms are obvious- meaning we can identify what it is that’s causing our symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms are not so obvious or these reactions happen in a way that we can’t see the actual cause because it’s a delayed response or maybe even a response to several different things at once.

Ask yourself this; do you ever feel like things are going okay then out of the blue it all hits you at once and you are worse than ever? You are not alone. When the energetic system of the body is attacked by many things at once it becomes overwhelmed and we go into crisis mode and end up feeling like there is no hope. With NAET we strengthen the body’s energetic ability and therefore train the body to no longer react to things that were bothering it or causing it harm in the past. This brings people I have treated a balance of energy and good health in life. Please, don’t wait till symptoms are so bad you are suffering. Let us start building your energetic resilience now so you can enjoy life with those around you.

For a video with more information, go to then make an appointment with me at 435-867-1433 and we can talk about your specific allergy concerns.

-Dr. Russell Taylor DC

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