Vickie Sorenson - Master Herbalist and Certified Traditional Midwife Russ Taylor - Chiropractor Darlene Horton Clinical Mental Health Counselor Advanced Substance Abuse Counselor Valora Barlow Licensed Massage Therapist Susie Young Holistic Therapist Camille Wilcox Midwife

Pathway to Wellness Birth and Healing Center Cedar City Utah
Cedar City Birth Center

The Pathway to Wellness Center

The Pathway to Wellness Healing Center and Birth Suite is devoted to helping you achieve optimal health. We offer compassionate care that addresses all types of health concerns both physical and emotional. With services including Herbal Therapy, Midwifery, Chiropractic Care, Allergy Elimination, Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy and Mental Health, we are staffed to meet your every need.

The Pathway to Wellness Birth Suite is the only birth suite in Iron County staffed by Certified Professional Midwives. Pathway to Wellness midwives also offer a home birth option!

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