Wesley C. Bruce, Psychotherapist, Expert Brainspotting Consultant, Yoga Therapist

Wesley is a licensed mental health counselor who specializes in trauma healing and stress reduction. Wesley utilizes evidence-based services to support individuals & families in treating depression, anxiety, attachment/relational disorders, attention disorders, and trauma/stress related disorders.


Services Offered:

Psychotherapy. Wesley utilizes a variety of approaches to help individuals heal stress, manage anger, and overcome barriers.

Brainspotting. Where you look affects how you feel. Brainspotting a somatic based therapy with neurological outcomes. Commonly used by artists, athletes, and individuals in high stress jobs or who have experienced trauma. Wesley is a certified expert consultant in brainspotting; he works with clients to heal & grow while teaching therapists.

Yoga & Chakra Therapy. Wesley was first introduced to yoga in 2004 while deployed in Iraq. Yoga therapy goes beyond the physical practice and teaches students how to be masters of their own life and experience liberation.


Office: 435-233-8504