Brett Shumway, Ph.D, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Brett Shumway has over 12 years of experience with youth in juvenile detentions, residential treatment centers, day treatment, inpatient hospitals, outpatient clinics, residential treatment, and in school settings. He is also a testing psychologist and regularly provides psychoeducational, comprehensive, and specialized evaluations in schools, residential treatment, and wilderness therapy. Brett holds a Masters of Counseling and Guidance and a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from New Mexico State University. He completed a pre-doctoral internship at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute (UNI), where he continued in a Child and Adolescent fellowship position, which allowed him to work with individuals admitted to that hospital in extreme distress, and work with youth and their families over time in a day treatment program. Although Brett works with a range of individuals, he has specialized experience with adolescents who have substance abuse concerns, medical conditions that impact mental health and wellbeing, individuals with learning disorders or other academic difficulties, motivation, survivors of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma, Autism Spectrum Disorder, OCD, ADHD, chronic depression and anxiety, family concerns, and Spanish-speaking and bilingual families.

Brett takes a personal, caring, supportive, and direct approach with adolescents in treatment, and always strives to see an individual as a whole and complete person. He also works to involve families in treatment, in ways that will best support an individual teen. Brett lives in Cedar City, UT with his wife and 4 children, and spends much of his free time hiking and mountain biking.


Services Offered:

Providing individual counseling to adolescents, adults, couples, and families, as well as comprehensive and specialized psychological evaluations for intelligence and academic testing, learning disability, autism, ADHD, OCD, diagnostic clarification, treatment planning, etc.